Monday, May 25, 2009


I thought I'd squeeze in a quick note between vacation posts. Yes, there are more to come...fewer beach pictures though. We did go to a few other places. Anyway, this was the longest 3 day weekend ever. Threes. Oh, how things happen in threes sometimes.

cooking: 1. Friday for dinner I baked some chicken seasoned with a few different things to mix it up a little. I'll be the first to admit that I'm not the best cook in the world but I've come a long way and it's been a while since I made noticeable mistakes. So, the seasoning...too salty.2. Saturday I made some fresh hummus. I used the same fabulous recipe that I've used many times but this time I used way too much cilantro. Now, we love cilantro but there is a line that should not be crossed. I crossed it. It's still edible, but I'll carefully measure next time.3. Sunday I made a crockpot full of navy beans. Again, I used my favorite recipe and I followed it like I always do. After the beans had cooked for several hours Tim wanted to try some. I tasted them and something was definitely missing...duh, the hunk of smoked ham. How could I forget the most important flavoring ingredient? Okay, I had plenty of time left to add it in and it turned out great, but sheesh, enough with the mistakes already. I had a lot going on Sunday, but really, there's no excuse. So since I made three cooking mistakes three days in a row I'm really hoping that's over.
gardening: 1. Saturday we bought some seeds and some young plants to get our garden growing. Yes, I know it's kind of late to get started, but I don't mind. 2.Today we planted our tomatoes, peppers, squash, zucchini, and cucumber plants. We also planted some seeds...sugar snap peas, beets, and around the edge of our little garden spot we planted marigolds and poppies. 3. Also today, Tim got me a fancy new soaker hose so watering the garden will be more effective and beneficial.
enjoying: 1.Tim found a great hammock on clearance. Bought it. Hung it. Relaxed in it. Niiiiiiiice. 2.Tim made a lot of progress working on the back yard while I worked on the garden. It's going to be a great space to play and relax before we know it. 3.We had a small family gathering to celebrate the birthday of my little one. Take one little girl add a few family members, a pile of presents, some big balloons, and a gluten-free princess crown birthday cake and you've got a whole lot of fun. (this should probably go without saying...but pictures to come)
Sorry for the post sans photos. I promise to make it up to you. And I certainly hope this post is a collection of cohesive, coherent thoughts because I am dog tired. Happy Memorial Day.

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Zoƫ said...

You must try this chicken recipe... you will look like a star (and it its SUPER easy;)

I am sure that your cooking will get on a better foot soon.