Saturday, May 23, 2009

sights at the beach

Here are a few more pictures from our trip to the beach. Some things we came across are common sights to most adults, but when I went for a walk down the beach with my girls they were amazed by some of the simplest things. I find it amazing how I tend to overlook things because I've seen them a million times. I've been missing some pretty cool stuff.
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1)a big, but simple sandcastle with the best moat ever! 2)a couple getting married as the sun beautiful 3)the standard beachy fence with sea oats blowing in the breeze...I just love that 4)a funny little seagull that miss E chased down the beach 5)you know I had to include a shot of Tim and the girls...they were hunting for shells and shark teeth on our final walk down the beach 6)a tiny hermit crab in a tide pool that had taken over a snail shell...we watched in amazement as it crawled cautiously around our feet then hid when we picked it up...lots of entertainment from such a small, yet amazing creature 7)the longest line of pelicans we had ever seen...I didn't all fit in the frame 8)seaweed...the girls weren't afraid to touch it, but they did not like it when I threw it at them:o) 9)a zoomed in shot of the, eh?
Well, are you tiring of beach pics yet? We did go to a few other places than the beach. I'll share some of those soon. We've been enjoying some nice warm weather this week as we get back into our beloved routine. Happy weekend!

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Rebekah said...

You lucky girl :) You know how much I love the beach - all your posts are making me wish to go back already!! I'm glad you all had such a lovely time. How sweet that you came upon a wedding - that was my dream wedding (some dreams don't come true - oh well!!)