Wednesday, May 6, 2009

more rain?

It's been raining for days. Yes, I know we need it. I do. But when the sun shines bright and warm we find so many things to explore outside, ya know, where there's fresh air and open spaces.
We've been missing these little guys. I mean really, can you ever catch and hold too many caterpillars?
We've been missing all varieties of stinging creatures. Okay, maybe not missing them, because even at the sound of their buzzing the girls squeal and run in the opposite direction--or run and hide behind me (while I try to be cool about the stinging ones flying around me) but we sure do like watching them search for nectar in the azalea bushes. We also miss the little creatures that we surprisingly find when we're not even searching for anything. This azalea in all of it's beauty, that the girls thought I should capture, had a little spider hiding way down in the center.

Yea, we miss the sun. It'll be shining here again, soon. And if not...we'll be heading to the beach next week to find it. Because maybe, just maybe, the sun enjoys the sand and sea, too!


Adrienne said...

The beach - sigh - have fun! Hope the rain doesn't follow you there!

Anonymous said...

Oh my I remember running away from bees with you and Mel. Do you remember me stopping the car and the 3 of us exiting to the sidwalk in the town of Fredburg till the bee flew out? Is being scared of bees inherited? Love BigG

Kim Yeatts said...

Happy Mom's Day to you!!
I am back from my NY trip...had such a marvelous time, but glad to be back home. Talk to you soon.