Monday, May 4, 2009

what can YOU get with 75 cents?

I went to a couple of yard sales...big church basements...and I really hit the mother load!
First up: two huge balls of yarn...I'm pretty sure it's 100%'s not variegated...each strand is a different color...oooooohhhhh, nice! Price: 50 cents!!! I know! Crazy!
Second: I found this lone, vintage, sweet pillow case...white with pink and yellow flowers. I've been thinking about trying a pillow case dress for my girls like this, but since I only have one pillow case, maybe I'll make a skirt for is May(d) for Me time after all. I saw a really cute one in this book that was submitted by Regina of Creative Kismet. Oh, the price of the pillow case? A whopping 25 cents! Okay, that was my 75 cents. But there's so much more for you to see. What? How can that be? ask. Well, my dear vintage pattern lovers, I really REALLY hit it big!!!! The patterns I'm about to share with you were...........FREE!!!!! Yes, free. I walked into the church basement and before I even entered the room with all the goods I saw a little table with a box of patterns on it. I asked a very sweet elderly lady how much they were and she said oh, take as many as you like, they're free. Be still my heart! I was very cool about it....calm and casual, you see, for I didn't want to make a scene. I had it all under control, that is, until my big 6 year old said in her most excitedly loud voice "Whoa! My mom loves to sew and she loves patterns!" Ahem, yes these are lovely, I said in a nonchalant voice. Then again the lady said take them, I was going to throw them in the trash so take as many as you'd like. Trash? What? I had to rescue was the right thing to do! Wanna see what I got? Do ya? Oh good, I'd thought you'd say yes. So feast your eyes on these.

Simple dresses and tops. Definitely some stash busters there.

Oh, and these. Three pieces and that's it?! Those should be a quick sew. And the one that makes you look slimmer! Who wouldn't want that?
And my personal fave...the western style shirt. It's a kids pattern...I should be able to shrink it down for my girls or make it bigger for me. With some great fabric these would be to die for! Am I right or am I right? I'm right, right?

Surprise! Two more dresses. I'm loving the two tone dress with the matching shoes. Oh, and the long pink one with the matching head wrap...I really love that. With some light and airy fabric that would be perfect for summer! I've got some sewing to do.


Adrienne said...

oh my. I think I'm gonna faint.

Regina said...

Ooooh, I can't ever resist a pretty pillowcase! Especially one for 25 cents!!

The patterns are really cool and groovy!