Sunday, May 17, 2009

how's that possible?

The entire drive to the beach and the entire ride back home from the beach neither of my girls fell asleep! How's that possible? If I'm in the car for more than 40 minutes I'm out cold, only to wake up if there's a change in the speed at which we are going or if we hit a bump in the road. Normally my girls are talkers...for reals, like non-stop...but thanks to the wonderful, sanity-containing, portable DVD players all I have to do is put on a movie and the only sounds I hear are coming from the movie. Note to self: be sure to take movies that the kids will enjoy but will also not annoy the crap out of the adults who have to listen to aforementioned movies. Yes, I know that the portable DVD players have headphone girls aren't big fans of the headphones...yet.
I was at the beach for 7 days and I took 427 pictures! How's that possible? Tim asked me the same question except he meant it in a different way. He in the world did you manage to take 427 pictures in a week?! I meant it like...I had a whole week of vacation, how did I manage to take only 427 pictures. I confess, I didn't take my camera with me where ever I went. It rained some...didn't want water damage, and it was super windy on the beach a few days...didn't want sand messing things up. Although my legs were nice and smooth from being exfoliated while I looked for shells...and shark teeth. (This tiny collection is from our walk on the beach as soon as we arrived....there are many more shells and many, many more shark teeth.)
Miss E got her first black eye from two different people that did the same exact thing! How's that possible? Well, she's at that height where if she stands really close to you, you can't see her...also, she's in the "let's see how quiet I can be and sneak up on people" phase. The first assault was by dear ol' dad who was standing in a doorway. He took a step back, stepped on her foot and in an effort to not completely fall on her his elbow caught her right below the eye. Yikes! The next day the assault came from Pop. He was playing with miss O, miss E wanted in on the fun and came up behind him and his elbow caught her right above the eyebrow...same eye! Double yikes! She only cried for a minute with each one. Playing with ice cubes helped her forget the pain.
While at the beach I took some yarn and some hooks. I managed to complete three little projects! How's that possible? Well, although it's nice to have cable tv to enjoy while on vacation it is sadly apparent that there isn't really much to watch. So while I sat and listened to and half watched shows like MythBusters and the occasional MMA match (which I do enjoy, by the way...weird, I know) I also crocheted. I made two spa washcloths with some of my yummy new yarn and by request I made our beloved Tallulah doll a pretty blue dress. The pattern for the wash cloths I found here and the doll dress pattern I found here. There are obviously some mistakes in the doll pattern so after about 6 or 7 rows I pulled it all out and started over changing some rows of DC to SC. It all worked out in the end. It looks like a dress, it fits Tallulah, and the girls are happy with the result. Now I just need to add a button and a loop to finish it off.

As I mentioned before, I took 427 pictures and I didn't put any beach shots in this post. How's that possible? Don't worry my friends, I'm working on it. I hope you all had a great week. It's nice to be home.

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Adrienne said...

Girl, you are brave ... a doll dress? All I can think of is 'teeny tiny'.

Can't wait to see the (427) pictures ;-)