Wednesday, February 24, 2010

handmade book exchange

A while back I signed the girls up for the Handmade Book Exchange hosted by Annie of Bird and Little Bird. Since drawing and storytelling go hand in hand I thought this was the perfect snowed-in-again-so-let's-get-those-creative-juices-flowing solution to the days when we've had more than enough time playing in the snow. Each day there were new ideas discussed, pictures drawn and colored, and story lines revised. I am happy to announce that the books are finished and in the mail to our Handmade Book Exchange partners in Oregon. Here's a peek at the books with the very proud author/illustrators!

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Of course, both girls spent time enjoying each other's books as well as their own before we mailed them off to their new owners. Now the excitement is building as they wait for the books being mailed to them.

***before I could even hit the publish button their Handmade Book Exchange books came in the mail!***

The books arrived! The excitement was almost uncontainable! The package was snatched from my hand and paraded around the house! Once I opened the envelope the books were read and reread.
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The pictures were admired and studied and discussed. Then they traded and did the same thing. What fun! Perfect for a cold, wintry day. A grand idea...and the start of a grand, little, bookmaking factory...right here at the Clothesline. I think next we'll try Regina's book idea because I love, I mean, they love it! :o) happy wednesday xo ang

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