Sunday, February 7, 2010


inside::keeping warm by learning a new skill on my new ukulele since the girls took over my old one...using my massive roll of contact paper left over from my classroom days to make these awesome exercise routines more accessible (and hopefully usable)...finishing up my Craft Hope project...making myself a new hat that unfortunately doesn't fit, so although it's cute, it'll be frogged and I'll make a different one.
inside::keeping warm and active by working on their drawing and storytelling skills. Noses are a challenge when drawing and are usually avoided...but not now...many attempts have been made.
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outside::keeping warm by snuggling inside the snow cave that was made by Dad.
outside::keeping warm by climbing up and sliding down the snow cave turned snow mountain.
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Are you keeping warm? I sure hope so. Now we're settling in for the evening and gearing up for the Super Bowl. Which team is the favorite in the Clothesline house? Well, I think the hot wings win out over the guacamole every time!
Just a gets busy and fun and comfortable even in the midst of winter storms...please remember Haiti. xo ANG

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