Monday, February 8, 2010

macro monday...on monday!

It's Monday. We have been spending our time digging ourselves out of the snow for the third time. There was a little more ice this time around which makes for really heavy shoveling. Nevertheless, I did manage to take my camera out and capture some cool shots. In this first one I played with focusing on the ice on my windshield with the tree reflection blurry and blurry ice with focused trees. I chose to share the trees in focus and the ice blurry because it was, well, cooler!
(f-stop 4~exposure time 1/80 second~iso-80)

This second shot here is of some ice melting on the back porch. We scraped and shoveled and piled it high in the yard, but when the sun peeked out everything started getting slushy.

(f-stop 4~exposure time 1/160 second~iso 80)

So at this point all of the slightly slushy snow has been frozen into solid ice. Perfect for penguins...but not so much for us humans. We are preparing for the next winter storm due on Tuesday. I'd love to take pictures of non-frozen things but that's just not going to happen any time soon. Brrrrr! I am, however, so very thankful for our cozy little house and hot showers...oh, and hot tea and fleece pajamas. Stay warm! xoANG

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Kim Yeatts said...

Hey there, Stranger!
I like your pictures. The girls and I are in High Point until Thursday. We are here watching cousins for a few days. Hope to see you soon.