Monday, February 1, 2010

macro monday...cheater edition

Well, another Monday seems to have gotten away from me. I think perhaps I was distracted by all of the snow. Okay, okay, I just forgot. Maybe I should rethink Monday. Anyway, to fulfill my macro promise here is a picture that I took last June. Oh, how I wish it was already June and my tiger lilies were blooming again. I do love the vibrant orange. These are certainly one of my favorites. And this shot in particular is a personal fave because I managed to capture the crisp, bright, beauty of the flower with the nice blurry background. I'll have to check my other computer for the particulars of the shot and add that part tomorrow. For now though...soak up the color of summer!
(f-stop 2.7~exposure time 1/100 second~iso100~focal length 6mm)

happy monday night...xo ANG
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