Wednesday, February 10, 2010

a remedy

...for cabin fever, that is.
After getting our fill of playing in the snow, drawing, playing games, dancing to loud music, and reading books sometimes you have to create your own cure for cabin fever. with camera. I tried to capture jumps at their highest point by using the sports setting on my camera. Still blurry, no flash, but fun...and energy burning because you know I had to try over and over and over to capture a good shot.

Oh yes, Dad couldn't resist joining in on the fun. Impressive, no?
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Once I captured a couple of good shots, although blurry, I just kept on snapping photos...with a flash...oh what fun!
I am a very blessed wife to have a husband who is not afraid to have some fun....
even when he knows I'll probably blog it.
My girls are so blessed to have a Daddy that loves to be a kid...and will let me take pictures until I get the perfect shot.
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Yep, we're cured. What's you're favorite cabin fever reducer? I'd love to hear how you fight cabin fever. xo ANG
Please don't forget about Haiti. They're not on the front pages anymore. They're not a major story on the evening news anymore. But they are still in need. The two buttons at the top left will lead you to a place where you can help.


Anonymous said...

Hello snow people. I wanted to let you know how funny the pictures are. It's good when you can entertain yourselves! The hubby pictures are a scream. They look like he is really laying down and some fancy background work has been done. The girls look like they are jumping at warp speed. Glad you all are having fun inside, making the best out of some nasty weather outside.S.C.B.

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Rima said...

Haha. I love these pictures!