Thursday, May 15, 2008

beach stories

The weather today and yesterday has been so nice that I've been working in the yard...not blogging. I usually use a part of nap time to write new posts, but the sun was drawing me outside. Well, right now the girls are napping after a fun and productive morning so it's the perfect time to share some stories from our trip to the beach.
First - I am glad to say that neither one of my children had a fear of the waves this time. Okay, they had enough fear (I like to call it common sense) to not run directly out into the waves. But they were brave enough to immediately play on the edge. No big deal, right? Well, in previous trips they forgot that it's not scary to play and let the water get on you, so there was lots of coaxing(from me) and lots of whining (from them). Usually by the second day they were fine, but this time there was no whining! (not about getting in the ocean anyway)
Second - The first day we went down to the beach I put the girls in their oh-so-cute bathing suits then slathered them up with sunscreen everywhere else. I got the child's sunscreen, ya know, pediatrician recommended..blah, blah, blah. All went well - we play for hours- then went in for lunch, bath, and nap time. When I woke the girls up Little Miss E's face was swelled up a little. I had washed off the sunscreen in the bath, but must have missed some because her swelling was in bizarre spots (the ones I missed I suppose). There was no swelling or redness anywhere else, just on her face. Poor thing, one more allergy :-{ Thankfully she has a hat to keep the sun off her face and I got some zinc oxide for her face, just in case I needed it.
Third - I did take a few crafty things for the girls to create while we were at the beach. You never know if there will be rainy days and I like to be prepared. Anyway, I found some cute little flip-flop bead necklace kits at Joann Fabrics. What fun...and super cute!

Okay, that's enough beach talk for now. I'll have more later.

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