Friday, May 2, 2008

oh, happy day

Tomorrow is the big day. We are going to the beach! I still have a little more packing to do and a lot more cleaning of the house, too. I like the house to be nice and clean so when we get home we can relax...because, as you know, everyone needs a vacation to recover from their vacation. The girls are soooo excited! They helped gather up all the shovels and pails, bathing suits and flip-flops, and colorful beach towels. They even helped me wash the car...well, they got really wet, so I am assuming that they helped. Next week I will be thinking of you all and taking lots of pictures so I can share with you when we get back. Oh, and here's a picture of the girls all dressed up and ready to there such a thing as too much jewelry?!


Zoƫ said...

No there is no such thing as to much jewelry! Have fun take lots of photos!

~ANG said...

Thanks Zoe. Have a great week. I'm sure I'll take tons of pictures...then my posts will have more pictures than words....oh dear! Wait, is there such a thing as too many pictures?!