Friday, May 23, 2008

random thoughts

1)I love that when Little Miss E talks about our great finds at the beach she says "she-shells" every single time.

2)I love that Little Miss O wants to keep our back yard caterpillars happy by making them playgrounds out of sticks and leaves every time she finds one. Please excuse the peeling paint on the foundation..but the caterpillar seemed to love it...look closely, you'll find him.
3)Yippee for David Cook winning American Idol!

4)Call me crazy, but my favorite Dollar Spot(at Target) find was my dandelion-digger-upper. I think it's called a weeder, but whatever you call it, it's so great....and it has a pink handle. Okay, listen. I don't like dandelions growing in my yard and the only way to get rid of them is to dig them up by the root. So when they first start coming out in the spring, my girls and I go on a 'lion hunt every day. I am happy to say, that in spite of my craziness, my lawn is dandelion free!

5)My mom gave me some beautiful petunias for Mother's Day. Thanks Mama! I love them, they are so pretty. My only problem is the container they came in matches them perfectly so I have a hard time taking them out to put them in a flower pot. Clever marketing really. Who wouldn't want beautiful flowers in a container that is exactly the same color....oh, Mr. Marketing think you have us all figured out, don't you?


Zoƫ said...

I have one of those dandelion thingies and I also love it. I am going to try the whole "Lion Hunt!" But I do not think that I will be doing it EVERY day;)

~ANG said...

We don't do it every day now since we got them at the beginning of spring. Now, we just get the occasional one that pops up!