Tuesday, May 27, 2008

humidity, flowers, and gnats, oh my!

Wow, today it feels like summer. This is the first really hot day we've had...hurray! I enjoy the hot weather, although the humidity doesn't really help with the naturally frizzy curly hair. But I'd take a good ol' hot day over winter any time.
So, we had a busy morning. I finally finished the flower bed in the front yard. It was a long process. I know you don't need the details, but it will make me feel like I accomplished more if I write it down. So first, I dug up my tulip bulbs which had multiplied beyond belief. Then I dug up the grass around that section to make it bigger. That was tougher than expected because of the crabgrass that the city planted (when they chopped off four feet of my yard) was a killer to get through. After that, since the dirt was nice and fluffy, I added some potting soil to it (like Miracle Grow) and mixed it in. Then I made three trenches and replanted the tulip bulbs. I know, I know, it's not the right time of year to do that, but I have so many bulbs and such great dirt I just had to get it done. So now my bulbs are replanted nice and deep, but there's a big dirt patch in the front yard,right? So to make it pretty I planted the petunias (from my mom) and some cute little celosia plants in that dirt then mulched the whole thing. It turned out pretty good. Both types of flowers are annuals and they love the sun so I am hoping it stays pretty and they continue to grow. It took a few days to get all of that done but the girls helped some with the digging and planting. They played in the yard or on the front porch away from the gnats and bees most of the time though. Little Miss O and the gnats don't really get along. This picture is from two summers ago when she got gnat bites on her ear and eye. All these years, I never knew that they could bite, I just thought that gnats were super annoying.
The girls helped with washing the car this morning, too. They had their bathing suits on and got pretty wet, but the tires are nice and shiny!
Sunday at church the message about how selfish we are (whether we realize it or not) was very applicable. At the end of the message we read I Corinthians 13. Yes, the love chapter. Everyone knows that is the love chapter, but have you read it lately? I mean really read it, in it's entirety? If you haven't, I highly recommend it. I think that will be the next passage we memorize.

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