Tuesday, May 20, 2008

oh, the fun!

Luuuke, I am your faaatherrr!
Thanks to my friend Kim for the great Darth Vader masks. The girls were thrilled! I know, you think it's a little weird, but that's what makes it so cute. The girls just love Star Wars stuff and plus...don't you think the masks really bring out the sparkle in the bunny t-shirts? So thanks again Esther's Mom!

Aaaahhhh....I love cute fabric.
This year, now that my girls are getting a little older and I have more time to use my sewing machine, I thought I'd start a new tradition for their birthdays. The girls get to choose the theme for their birthday (it usually revolves around the cake). So the tradition is to make a cute dress as a gift that goes with the theme. Little Miss O's dress turned out great for her bumblebee theme. So now, Little Miss E's birthday is right around the corner and she has chosen to have a puppy cake and I found the cutest fabric to make her a dress to go with the puppy theme. Here's a peek a the fabric...when I have a finished dress I'll post a picture. The fabric is so cute though I am going to have a hard time cutting it.

Picnic playdates....and falling branches.

Last week on a nice sunny day we met some friends at the neighborhood park to play and eat lunch. It was sunny and warm. Just the slightest breeze...quite lovely. When we arrived my girls went straight for the play ground as I walked to the picnic tables. After walking by the big shade tree I heard a cracking sound, then.....CRASH! A huge branch from the tree came crashing down right where I had been standing just seconds before. First, praise God for His sovereignty that no one was hurt. Second, I am so glad the park is right beside the fire station. We had fun for a short time, but as we were finishing lunch it started pouring down rain so we had to leave. It was fun while it lasted! Here are some pictures. It's hard to tell how big the branch is, but trust me, it's huge. Since then, we've gone to the NC Zoo (loved it!) and we've had another playdate. I'm working on that post, too. Lots of cute pictures to come!


Zoƫ said...

I am so glad that God was watching out that day. Please put a photo of both the girls in there dresses when they are done, would love to see them.

~ANG said...

Zoe, I'll certainly post a picture of the girls in the dresses. Now that I've committed to posting a picture I sure hope the puppy one turns out as cute as the bee one.