Wednesday, May 21, 2008

fun at the zoo

If you know me, you know that Tim and I love zoos. Where ever we go on vacation if there is a zoo nearby we will go to it. TheNorth Carolina Zoo is one of our favorites. It's a huge, natural habitat zoo so there is a lot of walking, but is all worth it. If you've never been to this zoo and you live close enough to it, you really should go there for a visit. The girls love zoos, too. What little kid doesn't love to see all of the animals? Anyway, it was a long day but we enjoyed every minute of it. Thankfully we took our wagon with us so the girls could ride when they got tired of walking. Of course, Tim did all of the uphill pulling...isn't he great?! Here are some pictures...lots of pictures.

Cute chimps, pretty pink birds, giggling girls, perfect playground, enormous elephants, big bison, huge hippo, towering tortoises, gentle giraffes, happy hatchlings, radical rhinos, precious polar bear, oh...the fun!

After hours and hours of zoo fun the girls fell asleep five minutes into the trip home.


Anonymous said...

I love the blog, I love you and I love the girls. The pictures of the zoo are so cute!! Zoos are great! Big G

~ANG said...

Thanks Mama. I'm glad you could see the pics. Blogger was really slow and I was trying to rearrange a little. Love you!

Zoƫ said...

I love the matching dresses! We also love the zoo.

~ANG said...

I match the girls as often as possible. My mom matched me and my sister for a long time, I loved it. I plan on matching my girls until they can't stand it anymore :o)