Thursday, September 16, 2010

if everything was perfect

we would have missed out on some wonderful family time. Ah yes, yesterday was not perfect, not part of my plan, not what I had envisioned, not what I would have chosen...but God knows better. The day started beautifully. I got up before the sunrise and went for a run on the beach. First of all, I haven't gone for a run for quite a while. It went pretty well...being at sea level is great. Oh, it was difficult, but good. Then on the way back I got to watch to sun rise. Oh, beautiful sunrise. The shrimp boats were right off the beach, lights on, nets out. They were surrounded by seagulls and pelicans, and oh yes, some dolphins . There were a few people on the beach, many of whom stopped in their tracks to watch the sun come up. I kept on running...keeping my eye on the sky, but being sure not to burn a hole in my retinas from staring at the rising sun. When I got back to the condo it was very apparent that my big girl woke up with a cold. Yes, a cold. Seriously? We haven't had colds in over a year...probably close to 2 years. It started off pretty mild though and she said she felt fine. We headed down to the beach for a few hours and the girls spent nearly the whole time jumping the waves. Oh, they have been having so much fun. I just love that they love the beach. After choosing a few shells and digging a few holes in the sand we headed to the pool. Exhausted and fully clogged miss O didn't last in the pool very long. She wrapped up in a towel and sunned herself like a lizard. After showers and lunch there was rest time. Not much napping happened but at least there was rest. We had planned on heading to the boardwalk or lake park after rest time but the cold was making O feel pretty bad so we just hung out and enjoyed the view. We colored, built with legos, listened to music, and played battleship. A new game for the girls and boy was it fun. Can I just say...I lost...both times. She sank my battleship, my aircraft carrier, my patrol boat, my weapons platform, and my submarine! She even rescued her captured man (a new addition) on the first try. It was such a nice time to chat and play and have fun together. Had we kept our original plans we would not have had such a sweet time together. So I guess the day ended up perfect anyway. Yep, even with a cold and piles of tissues we enjoyed the day just as God had designed it for us.


The Daly Family said...

Sorry to hear that Olivia has a cold. How random! Glad to hear you made the most of your day. God is good! Hope you all are feeling good enough to have some more beach fun. Miss you and love you!

Anonymous said...

This is the first time I have been able to leave a comment. When I would click on comments it would not come up on my computer. So glad it is working today so I could say hello. I am so glad everyone is having a great time at the beach but sorry to hear Olivia has a cold. Also glad to hear you still have a vehicle! Thank you Lord! Enjoy every minute of every day.
Love and miss you,
G.S. and P.B.

Adrienne said...

Oh man. What a bummer. I hope she feels better and it doesn't catch the rest of you!