Thursday, September 2, 2010

tomatoes and those who eat them

Speaking of tomatoes, my grape, cherry, and lemon tomatoes have made a comeback. That super hot summer put everything on hold, and well, the deer feast didn't help either. But now, we've been getting tons of rain as well as copious amounts of dew every night so my tomatoes are thriving. So much so that it's like a jungle. We can pick a nice bowl full of tomatoes every day now and usually while picking I eat one or two. Delicious. This one, however, will eat as many as she can pick. So that lovely line of tomatoes you see at the top of this post didn't make it into the house. I'm not complaining. She loves her veggies, and fresh from the garden, too. Then, there's this guy...several of them actually. I am thankful it's late in the season and we've enjoyed lots of our homegrowns before the tomato hornworms found our yard. He enjoyed several tomatoes much like he enjoyed this one. But he got his. Take a look at him now. They all kind of look like this now. Gross, yet fascinating. A fly or parasitic wasp has decided to use him as a growing and feeding station for their larvae. Ah, the cycle of life...a beautiful thing...and a great science lesson! Happy Thursday. xoANG

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