Saturday, September 18, 2010

if only i could bottle it

and enjoy the smell of the beachy air all year. Today was our last day at the beach. We went to the community/farmer's market this morning down at lake park. It was nice to see all the fresh veggies and talk with some of the local crafters. I met lady who made jewelry...the girls bought their first dangle earrings, I met a lady who made handmade soap, she was nice but her soap was pricey, I also met a painter. She had a dog with her and the girls really enjoyed petting him and feeding him treats. Then we headed to the boardwalk, got a fresh homemade doughnut from Britt's, the best local doughnut joint. I had to wait in line and I ordered one doughnut. The girl said, "dozen?". Nope, just one. The people in line in front of me and behind me ordered by the dozen and looked at me like I was crazy. Oh sure, I'm a little crazy, but I'm crazy with fewer calories. Let me tell you it would have been easy to eat at least six with one cup of coffee, but one was just fine. I shared it with the my girls. We savored it and it put krispy kreme to shame. We enjoyed a nice stroll on the boardwalk then headed to the beach. The 'no swimming' flag was flying today. The surfers were out in force. The waves were huge, the current was strong, but we had a great time playing on the beach. Some huge, dark storm clouds rolled in, the wind picked up, and the temperature dropped. The girls knew this was the last day and they wanted to go to the pool one more time, so we went to the pool. The clouds blew over, the sun reappeared, the temperature got warmer, and the pool water was nice and warm. We had a great time swimming. Then showers, a late lunch, and rest time. We hit a few beach shops before dinner, cleaned up the condo, packed up everything, and had time to spare for playing and soaking up the last of the ocean view. Tomorrow we'll be heading home in the morning. We are ready for home, but it sure would be nice if I could bottle that wonderful salty air so when it's cold and dreary this winter I could breathe in the ocean air. happy saturday. xoANG

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