Friday, September 17, 2010

if she had seen it coming

she wouldn't have wiped out in the waves. Yep, my newly brave, ocean loving big girl got tossed around by the waves today.(my little ocean lover wiped out several times over the course of our vacation...and loved every second of it) After rest time we headed down to the beach. The waves were big, the undertow was strong, but the fun was irresistible. The normal water play is jump the incoming wave, sit down, let the wave push you up the beach...jump up to get to the next wave in time to jump it and repeat the whole thing. All was going fine until she didn't get to her feet fast enough and the wave that pushed her up on the beach started sucking her back down toward the ocean where a rather large wave was coming in. Tim was right there beside her so she was fine...shocked, covered in sand, but fine. There was no crying or fear...maybe just a little extra caution and diligent awareness of the incoming waves. The tide was coming in and the surfers were everywhere. The girls stayed with me playing in the waves while Tim went out into the water. We watched him get covered by wave after wave. At one point there was a swell coming up behind him and in it I saw a rather large fin..just as I was about to freak out thinking it was a shark three or four more appeared and I realized it was a bunch of dolphins. They frolicked and played in the water about 10 feet behind him. It was very exciting to see.
Now, this morning bright and early we caught the ferry to Southport. The ferry ride was nice and relaxing. The scenery was beautiful and the girls really enjoyed the ride. We spent the morning walking around the quaint little town of Southport, then we drove over to Oak Island and visited the lighthouse then drove up and down the island. I really love Oak Island, it's such a simple, non-touristy island with beautiful beaches. Then we caught the ferry back to Pleasure Island which has Carolina Beach, where we have been, Kure Beach, and Fort Fisher. We had some lunch and rest time...and well, you know the beach story. After our time on the beach we headed to the pool for a little while before dinner. The pool water was nice and warm because it was hot today. Then it was showers and dinner and time admiring and cleaning our collection of shells. Now everyone is tucked into bed to get some much needed sleep. Tomorrow is our last full day of vacation. We don't have any plans...just soak up as much beach as we can, then Sunday we'll be heading home. My brain is tired today so I feel like this post is very incoherent. I'm not going to reread it before I post it, I'll just do a spell check and I hope it makes sense. happy Friday. xo ANG

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