Monday, September 13, 2010

if you like that kinda thing

sand between your toes. Do you like that? That first walk on the beach when the sand is warm and soft. Or maybe that smooshy sand that lets you sink down a little more each time the waves crash on your feet and splash you up to your knees. Yes, I like that kinda thing and we did a lot of that today. Then to the pool we went for lots of swimming, jumping in, racing, and reaching for the dive sticks. Too soon it was time for showers, lunch, and rest time. Hmmm...maybe not enough rest today. The grumbling, whining, and fretting surfaced this afternoon...nothing a good heart check and an attitude check can't fix. Then off to a newly discovered playground, a little more beach, dinner on the balcony and it was time to call it a night. A little quiet coloring rounded out the day quite nicely. All is quiet now.
Okay, if you don't like that kinda thing, the sand that is, it's probably because sand sticks to you even after hours in the pool, or the pockets full of sand, the sand in the car, sand stuck to the beach chairs. Oh, or maybe it's that powdery feeling left behind after a day at the beach. Me, I don't mind those things at all. It's part of the deal, the vacation experience. And you know, months from now when it's 20 degrees and I need to find my ice scraper in the trunk of my car but instead I find little forgotten piles of sand, I'll remember the warmth of the sun, the feeling of the sand between my toes, and the treasured time with my family at the beach. Maybe it'll take the sting out of winter, maybe not. But, yea, I like that kinda thing.


The Daly Family said...

I like that kinda thing too!!! I am glad you guys are enjoying yourselves. Miss you here. Have lots of fun! xoxo

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great day!! Love Mama