Tuesday, September 28, 2010

in pictures::day six and the final sunrise

Well, I have finally reached the end of reliving my beach vacation. It was nice to spend the week looking through the pictures and remembering all of the fun we had. Here, at home, it's been raining pretty much since last Sunday. No, make that Saturday night. We had a short reprieve on Tuesday afternoon and it was lovely and fall-ish and perfect for an impromptu playdate. Then Wednesday it rained hard all day long and all night. This morning...it was still raining, then finally around lunch time it stopped. The birds started singing and the sky lightened up a little. It's still very cloudy but not raining. I promise I'm not complaining about the rain...we needed it. It hasn't rained in over a month. I just like to ease into things instead of being bombarded for a the better part of a week. Anyway, here are the pictures from our last day at the beach.
I did not change the coloring in this sunrise picture. It really was a beautiful purplish blue with a pink stripe...awesome!
After breakfast we went down to the farmer's market and the boardwalk.
Here's a family shot from Saturday night as the sun was setting. Everything was packed up and we were enjoying the evening on the balcony.
On Sunday morning we got to see one more gorgeous sunrise.
this one taken from the balcony

this one taken from beach level
Ah yes, and before we left I had to get one more shot of the girls.
To read more about our last day on vacation you can click here.
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Summer is over. I know this. I hung on to it as long as I could. But now it's time for me to embrace fall. I cannot deny that it is upon us...it's almost October, for crying out loud! Time for sweatshirts, apple orchards, pumpkin patches, and yarn. Hmmm, yarn. I need a new project.
Happy Thursday xoANG

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