Sunday, September 12, 2010

if only you could smell the air

We made it. We are officially on vacation. Yesterday was a day of packing, list checking, gluten free bread baking, and more packing. This morning we arose before the crack of dawn, piled into the car, and hit the road. To my dismay, the coffee shop that is a road trip tradition, was not open yet. Yikes! No coffee at 6am as we drove down the road. We'll stop somewhere else and grab a cup, he said. That statement was not a reassuring one since it was coming from the person that likes to reach the vacation destination with as few stops as possible....none would be preferred, but today we made it with just one pit stop....and that wasn't for coffee. We arrived here around 11am, stopped by the grocery store to grab some essentials, and finally reached the condo. The car was unloaded, the things were mostly unpacked, and it hit me. Why in the world did I feel so tired, lethargic, wiped out. Oh, right, no morning coffee. A problem easily solved...two cups later and I felt much better. Lunch was consumed, the sun came out, rest time was enjoyed and then down to the beach we went. The water was like glass with nice little waves coming in for the girls to play in. The temperature was nice a warm, the ocean was like bath water, the sand filled the girls' bathing suits. After an hour or so frolicking on the beach we headed for the pool showers to rinse off the sand, then since we were there we decided to spend some time in the pool. The girls swam and jumped and splashed and squealed. Pure delight. Showers, dinner on the balcony, a little playing and it was time for bed. I'm beat. The girls haven't made a peep since I tucked them in...they're pretty beat, too. Off to bed for me as well. I look forward to enjoying a cup of coffee first thing in the morning...on the balcony...breathing in the glorious salty air...before we head down to the beach. Happy Sunday. xoANG


Adrienne said...

mmmmm ... I smell it! Oh wait. Maybe I smell the burnt pizza from dinner ... a gal can dream ;-)

The Daly Family said...

Sounds delightful!!!! Love reading your stuff. Keep me posted. Love you all, friends!!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh Yeah, I'm there!! Coffee on the deck,waves and fresh breeze on the side. I'll take some! Have a great week . Love Big G.