Thursday, September 9, 2010

you capture::signs

I stopped to take notice of a few things this week. Signs of things to come.
a tiny crocheted sweater (yarn-sugar&cream white and warm brown/free pattern-"Everyday is a New Sweater Day" from Rima of Yarny Days...also on Ravelry) and hat in the works -the sign of a fall, not mine
(f/5 - iso200 - 1/5sec.)

beautiful fabric - the sign of a new skirt or dress to be made soon

beach chairs drying in the sun after a good cleaning - the sign of our much anticipated vacation

Oh, then there was this sign that I found quite humorous. My kids?...not so much.
There are more signs over at I Should Be Folding Laundry. Happy Thursday. xoANG


Tiffany @ No Ordinary Homestead said...

Great signs! And the last one is too cute! I've already got a great weed picker in training...she's almost 2 and adores that job. I can only hope she continues to find that fun long into the future lol

Adrienne said...

oh oh ... sweater details - it looks so cute!

Kelly @ In Everything said...

fun signs;) Also enjoyed going through some of your other posts! I really like your THEME this year!! I think that's a great idea to have a theme;)

Anonymous said...

cute sweater!! "no, not mine"? hey, I was waiting to tell! just kid'n. love the beach..enjoy it
Love Big G

Renegades said...

Love the weed picker sign!