Thursday, September 16, 2010

if i could have guessed

how today was going to turn out...I would have been so wrong. Today was wonderful in it's own way. The weather was absolutely gorgeous again today. Every day has been sunny and warm with a slight breeze. It's like an everlasting summer. Miss O woke this morning feeling, well, like she had a cold. A very mild cold. Her nose was not longer runny and she looked so much better. She was tired but cheerful. We had planned on taking the ferry to Southport today, but we opted for a morning of complete lounging. We colored and read books and watched the ocean and found PBS so the girls could watch some cartoons. Then before lunch we went to lake park for some fresh air and sunshine. We just took a leisurely stroll around the lake and enjoyed the ducks with all of their waddling and quacking. We saw some pretty flowers and a snake slithering around. No alligators though. As we walked O's head cleared and she perked up quite a bit. After a nice lunch and rest time where much napping was enjoyed we headed down to the beach. It was high tide, the waves were getting quite large, the surfers were out in force, the girls played, and jumped, and were pushed around by the waves for a solid two hours. Then up to the condo for showers and dinner on the balcony. O felt so much better. Her head was clearing up, her eyes were no longer watery, she had her energy back. The girls played nicely together until it was time for bed. All is quiet now. The plan for tomorrow, Lord willing, is that we will ride the ferry. Sleep tight friends. Happy Thursday. xo ANG

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The Daly Family said...

Sounds wonderful again! So glad your little sweetie is feeling a lot better today. I am enjoying all your posts; I am vacationing right along side you. LOL!!! Hope the ferry works out and that you have a superb time! XOXO Nighty, Night!