Sunday, August 24, 2008

are you kidding me?

I love a great bargain! I found some adorable new summer-y pajamas for the girls. I'll get a picture up later, but just so you know, they're green with monkeys and bananas. So cute...shorts and a sleeveless T-shirt. Really they were from the boys section, but they got put on the clearance rack in the girls section. Only $3.00! Are you kidding me?

Working away on the birthday gifts. Everything is working out great. I drew a picture of what I want this gift to look like with measurements and all....and it's really turning out just as I had hoped...and my sewing machine has been working like a champ! No loopy thread or anything! Are you kidding me?

Almost done with the main gift. Only some decorative top-stitching to go! What's this? No more thread? Seriously, I ran out of thread! It's top stitching, for crying out loud, I need more thread!!! Running out of thread in the middle of top stitching...are you kidding me?

Joanne's to the rescue. Oh wait - they've changed all the names and style numbers of their thread! Are you kidding me? (thankfully I took a few strands of the much needed thread with me and I found the match)

I'm still walking/jogging with my friends at night after my girls go to bed (yes, Tim is at home with the girls!). I've covered 28 miles so far. Kim, the one who started this in the first place, has covered more ground and as the motivator for us all has gotten us to jog a little farther each night. We're all doing really well and I can tell a difference in the muscle tone in my legs and for the most part I don't feel like my lungs are going to explode. Who would have - jogging! Are you kidding me?

I'll update later with some pictures. I gotta get the girls ready for church.


Anonymous said...

YOU GO, GIRL! Are we on for tomorrow night? Email me. I MIGHT take the girls to funquest tomorrow from 4-5:30ish...interested?
Kim Y.

~ANG said...

We did great! Thanks for the invite to funquest...the girls had a blast!!!