Tuesday, August 12, 2008

do you wanna know....

...what we've been up to these days?
*warning: long-winded post* please read on
We had a wonderful time in the morning at the playground with our friends . The weather was absolutely beautiful, almost autumn-like. Whoa...what happened to summer? Oh, and I forgot my camera so there are no cute pictures of O & E with their friends. Okay, so it was a play date for me, too. You know the moms enjoy hanging out just like the kids do. :o) After all that morning fun we went home and had a nice lunch then the girls went down for a nap.
Here's where the ?fun? begins.
While the girls are napping on Saturday I usually go grocery shopping. Yes, Tim stays at home, so relax! It's easier and faster to shop without the girls even if it is Walmart on Saturday. I took the green car, the old car, the car Tim usually drives, just like have done every Saturday. I was almost at Walmart. Only one more stop light...it turns green...I go....then the.car.dies. No power. No starting again. No power steering. GLASS HALF FULL~I was able to muscle the car completely off the road - the most crowded, notorious-for-accidents, stretch of road in the city. Also, when the car finally was off the road I realized I came to a stop right in the shade of a nice big tree! What a merciful, gracious, and loving God we serve. It wasn't a super hot day but it was warm and for some crazy reason I had decided to wear jeans...the shade was a huge blessing.
After over an hour on the side of the road and much conversation with Tim on my cell, the tow truck finally came and took the car away. What did I do? I walked right on down to Walmart, did my grocery shopping, and Tim and the girls picked me up when I was finished. Mission accomplished! The girls got their nap. I got the groceries. I gained a new appreciation for AAA. All of that on Saturday and not one single picture. I've also started walking at night with my friend Kim. Not every night(okay, I've only gone twice so far) but it's for an hour....4 miles I think! If you're gonna get some exercise it may as well be with a friend, right?

Church in the morning. The first half of our service is family worship...the kids stay with us. Along with the normal singing, the elders cover (with brief exposition) a chapter in the New Testament and a chapter in the Old Testament. My girls are relatively still and quiet, very well behaved really, but I never know if they're listening and learning anything. I mean, they're only 5 and 3 years old for crying out loud. Well, our OT reading was Isaiah 20. Have you read that lately? Yeah, me neither. Click here to read this very short chapter. As it was read aloud Miss O started to giggle, very quietly mind you, but uncontrollably. Do you know how hard it is to NOT laugh when she is giggling like that? GLASS HALF FULL ~ at least I know she was listening to the scripture being read! Also, Miss E decided to go to her class! Well, really it's Miss O's class, but the teacher is kind enough to allow little sister to join in....again. Then I remembered that I was supposed to take baby shower gifts for 2 women at church that are just moments away from having babies. I totally forgot..grrrrrrr! I had worked a little on Saturday evening on the gifts that I was sewing, but I didn't finish. I meant to take part of the gift, but oh well. I knew I'd see both that night at VBS family night so I finished up the sewing part and took it all to VBS. I made burp cloths. My girls thought they should be blankies...they do love their blankies and think that every baby should have one. One baby will be named Jonathan...he's the long awaited, much anticipated baby number 7. The other baby, another boy, who will be named Will is baby number 3, but the first boy. The dad is a Chaplain in the military scheduled to be deployed in September. I know. I know. Let's not talk about that...just pray for them. Here's a picture of the finished products.
VBS was fun for the girls. I was the snack lady again. Miss E went to her (Miss O's) class. They both had fun, enjoyed the lessons, loved the craft, and were both exhausted at the end.

Another muffin tin monday. The girls still enjoy it and look forward to it. They like the change of pace. It's just plain ol' fun. This lunch consisted of 1/2 a sunbutter & jelly sandwich, carrots, blueberries, cantaloupe, yogurt, and soybeans. Mmmmm

Still no green car. The garage didn't even get to it. No problem. We were a one car family for as long as I can remember. We didn't even get the second car until last spring. GLASS HALF FULL - having one car for a while will definitely save us some gas money.
So, now a completely different subject, but still Monday. I had seen, in a magazine, a super cute, itty bitty, powder pink laptop. Small, like 6X9 inches. Yeah, purse, diaper bag, pocket...okay not pocket, but definitely small enough for my purse. I showed it to Tim (he loves technology stuff) and told him how nice it would be to have. I could work on my blog at night after the girls go to bed and not interfere with his computer time. Ya know, reading the news, comparison shopping, unwinding after a long day at work. Oh, that little computer..only $300. Nothing fancy, but good for surfing the web...and blogging. I know, it's completely frivolous. I was just dreaming. Then, hey! don't we have the old laptop in the attic? The one that got a virus and did all kinds of crazy stuff 3 years ago. Oh yeah baby! Tim loves a computer, technology, technical, nearly impossible to fix challenge. He got it out of the attic and worked his magic...for a few hours. It.Still.Works!!! He got the operating system up and running and then went out to the get me, yeah me, a wireless card so I can blog freely. Wireless card in...a few more tweaks and codes and it works! But, he's a perfectionist. So as I type this he is working on making it just perfect then it will be all mine. He spoils me, really he does. No complaints here!

Still no green car. Tim took the "new" car to work. The girls and I stayed home...because Big Grandma came for a visit! School starts next week and she'll be back in the classroom. She came bearing gifts...yummy veggies from my Big Grandma at the farm, a couple books, hair bows and toy horses for the girls, and a huge, and I mean huge, hunk of fabric for me. I'm afraid I may have drooled on it a little. Wanna see it?
Well, the picture doesn't do it justice. It's really more lime green. I promise, it's fabulous! I want a skirt for me and the girls, maybe curtains for the girls' room, some aprons....so many possibilities...so many yards (over 10 yards)!! Any grand suggestions?
Well, we had some good coffee, good conversation, lots of fun, and a nice lunch. Thanks Mama!
Okay, Tim said the laptop is done, ready, up to his standards. So, my next blog post should be typed from the comfort of my couch, or rocking chair, or big pillow on the floor.
I've got more to share, but it's late. Here's a hint: awards, very flattering, cheery awards from my friends out there in blogland!


Anonymous said...

Morgan was reading over my shoulder and has a suggestion for your fabric, IF you can't think of anything else...
"I know what she can do with all that fabric...give it to me!" Heeheeehaaa

Zoƫ said...

I am glad you are getting a labtop.. maybe then you will not have to write such long blogs (I can not remember all that you wrote about so I can only comment on the big stuff;). (I of course do not mind long blogs;) I hope that the car is fixable. The girls look so cute in there shirts!

I would make a quilt and use that for the backing! That would be very cute!! Then you can flip the quilt over and still love it.

Gotta go get sleepy head (who is screaming in my ear and stinking up the room) to a nap.

Anonymous said...

The burp clothes look great. The corners are NICE! The applique looks good, too! Did you use tight zigzag or another stitch? I am getting ready (September I think) to do an applique block of the month. We'll see how that goes! It's called "Be Attitudes" they are really cute. I don't like the Christmas one, not much on the santa-will change that one.

Kim S

Anonymous said...

There you are!! I have missed your posts the last few days. Sorry about the car whoas. I love the glass half full approach.

BTW- I love blogging in the comfort of my big chair and sweet tea by my side. You will enjoy it too! :}

Rebekah said...

Yay for laptops!

I love love love to go to Walmart on Saturday without the kids, but I usually go at like 6am! No crowds!!

Sorry about the car :( You never did say what was wrong with it - hope it's nothing too complicated.