Sunday, August 31, 2008

will i ever learn?

***updated pic at the bottom to show both of my girls when they were tiny with double pacifiers**
*warning: mommy topics*
As a new mother I often underestimated the amount of diapers I would need on an outing. Without fail there was usually a huge leakage or explosion just minutes before returning home....and usually while I was holding the baby so that I, too, would have ruined clothes. I can very clearly remember taking Miss E to the doctor for her 4-month visit. I laid her on the table diaperless, and she peed everywhere...all over the table, it ran off the edge all over my legs, socks, tennis shoes. Ugh! Oh well, at least it's just my shoes, right? In a moment, I quickly picked her up and threw the blanket on the mess to clean it up. However, whilst I was holding her, naked as a jay bird, she peed again! That's right, all over my shirt and shorts. I was quite the sight to behold. The nurse was there the whole time (all of this happened in about 23 seconds) and was trying to help clean up. She said...don't worry, it was bound to happen. After that I took an extra blanket and an extra shirt for me in addition to the many diapers, burp cloths, pacifiers, and extra onsies. I am so glad diaper bag days are over.

Once I graduated to just carrying a few diapers in my purse I felt like a new person. No more pacifiers, no more burp cloths, no more changes of clothing...aahhhh, freedom. Yet, without fail something would happen and I would need an extra shirt for the baby or wish I had brought a burp cloth for a spill or some kind of mess. For example, the "spill-proof" sippy cup upside down in the kid's lap in the car seat the entire ride to Grandma's house, the mall, church...oh, I could have used a clean outfit on those days. Live and learn, right?

Another leap...this time to potty training and carrying an extra pair of toddler panties in my purse and a pair of shorts...ya know, just in case. Lots of success with this one. No more diapers in my purse, no more travel wipes in my purse. I can carry a cuter, smaller, more-my-style purse, yippee! Yes, there were a few accidents at first and I quickly learned to carry a few Ziploc bags ,too, for the oops-we're-in-the-potty training-stage panties so my entire purse lining won't smell of urine...ugh! That lesson was learned early on in the process and unfortunately I had to learn that lesson a couple of times...double ugh!

Okay, so now potty training is complete! I see no reason to carry panties in my purse, but because I have gained some wisdom since I've gone through this whole process twice I decide to keep the panties in my purse for a few extra months...ya know, just in case. Months pass, never a need for the emergency panties. This is so great! I finally decided to take the panties out of my purse like two weeks ago. I'm in the clear, right? Oh man, was I wrong. Let me explain... *if you're squeamish you may want to skip the rest of this* Well, on Saturdays we like to take the kids to a playground nearby that has an indoor area and an outdoor area. Nice,right? It's great, especially when it's really hot or really cold outside. Anyhoo, we ran out of coffee this past Saturday so we stopped at Starbucks...a rare but delicious treat. While I was getting the coffee miss E said she had a tummy ache. That is never good. We hurried over to the play place and I immediately took her to the bathroom. She just had to pee, nothing else. Yes, I made her sit there for a minute, ya know...just in case. Nothing. So out to play we go. We're not far from the bathroom, so that's good. After a few minutes of playing with Big Sister on the playground miss E walks to me slowly...never a good sign because she never functions slowly. Bathroom? Yes. So off we go, but oh, we were too late. No, not pee...the D word. Just a little, but enough to be sad and embarrassed and distraught (her, not me) because there are NO extra panties in my purse! Why?! Why?! Why did I take them out of my purse? Poor thing had a tummy ache and now on top of that...very emotional. So what did I do? Well, after she was done I just put her shorts back on her. She was so upset, poor thing. No panties? People will see me with no panties! I assured her that no one would know, but that didn't seem to help her 3 year old mind. Well, we quickly went home...ya know, just in case. Got some clean panties and clean shorts and she was back to her happy self.
Will I ever learn? Panties in the purse or no panties in the purse? That is the question.

Okay, these pictures have absolutely nothing to do with this post, but oh so cute. My babies.


Anonymous said...

Oops, I guess you will be carrying those panties for a while longer ay? Love the tackle box!! Big G

Adrienne said...

That is too funny. I often find myself with a diaper but no wipes, wipes completely dried out, and no undies for the big u'n. I obviously haven't learned either!

The pictures are adorable!

Zoƫ said...

I was at the doc (for Elijah not Ada Liz) with on diaper or wipes (what was I thinking?) Well we made it ok, but boy was that silly.

I love the photos, but how did she get 2 nuks in? Too cute.

The Ballinger Family said...

That is so funny! I remember when my daughter was small. My husband was preaching a homecoming service (we were visiting) and the congregation was standing for the altar call. Extreme quiet had fallen over the building. I had my sweet daughter propped up on my hip and then out of no-where this gut-wrenching sound fills the room. My daughter chose the invitation time to do #2...the runny kind that sounds real gross. Bad thing is, the way I had her propped on my hip obviously left a gape between her diaper and her leg. (YUCK-you can probably imagine the rest of the story) You can never be TOO prepared for those kind of days.

~ANG said...

It's nice to know I'm not alone with this one...and yes, the panties have returned to my purse!

~ANG said...

Oh, Zoe...the two nuks?...well, my children have really BIG mouths! All the better to cry with, my dear!