Tuesday, January 13, 2009

enough with the screaming monkey already!

Yep, I actually said that. It's the first time and almost certainly the last time that I will say such a funny exclamatory sentence. But in the spirit of doing, saying, cooking, building, or sewing something for the the first time let me take a moment to entertain you with a list of firsts so far in this new year...with a little explanation, of course.
First, the title of this post...words that I never knew would fly out of my mouth in such a ridiculous combination, yet they did. Which, by the way, made everyone in the house stop what they were doing and look at me with surprise. The reason...Miss E got a new toy, a little learning laptop, which is fabulous and fun and educational. However the character that she interacts with is a monkey that says and does silly things to keep it interesting. What she quickly learned, after finding the volume control, was that if you continually push the mouse buttons the monkey will "scream" over and over and over and over. You see, I'm not crazy, and I usually have a very high tolerance for noise producing toys, especially educational ones, but coupled with the volume set on ear-drum-bursting loud...I had heard enough. Hence the "enough with the screaming monkey already" statement.
Second, after looking through this fabulous list I have already printed 5 tutorials, made and gifted one, cut out the material for 6 of these, and am eager to schlep up to the attic (on a much warmer day so I don't freeze up there) and retrieve some of my most favorite fabrics that I have horded and used very sparingly since I bought them when we lived on Molokai. I tell you what, living in Hawaii really lends itself to acquiring some fabulous, colorful, local fabrics. Anyway, cutting, planning, sewing, and especially a willingness to use some of my Hawaiian fabrics this early in the year with excited anticipation...definitely firsts for me.
Third, I love to try new recipes. Using a recipe from this book I made the most wonderful coconut macaroons that I have ever had. Mind you, I made them for Tim really because they are gluten free and there aren't many treats that are gluten free, affordable, and delicious. Seriously people, they taste just like coconut cream pie. Just.Like.It. Very difficult to resist, have no idea how many calories and fat are in them, but I made them small so we, I mean he, can enjoy them. Also, I made a stew called Winter Squash and White Bean Stew from this book and it just didn't work out for me. My in-laws ate it and said it was good. Tim ate it and said it was good...he even said he'd eat it again because he like that it was different. I ate it and my taste buds were confused. I love me some butternut squash. I also loved everything else that was in it. The problem? It had cinnamon in it. The smell was throwing me off. I was expecting something quite savory but the cinnamon was weirding me out. It wasn't a bad stew, in fact we ate it all, but the smell confused my senses. I don't like to be confused...especially when I'm eating.
Oh, there are a few other firsts that I have probably forgotten, but I'm pleased with my start to the year and I hope that you are pleased with yours as well.


Anonymous said...

You are such a hoot! Enough with the screaming monkey already!! You said that?? Ha! I love the kidlet bag too. I know who ever gets one will enjoy it so much. Love Ya. BigG

Adrienne said...

I see your screaming monkey is pink. Ours in orange - joy joy.

Can't wait to see some of those beautiful fabrics! I've made some of those hearts so I can show you if you haven't figured it out yet.

Glad it was just the tire but what a pain! We can shoot for next week - no problem!

Rebekah said...

I don't like to be confused when I'm eating, either - totally agree with you there.

Last night I made a delicious soup with butternut squash & sausage - less confusing combo :)

Kim Yeatts said...

soooooo, you gonna share the recipe for the cookies???? Please, please, please???