Friday, January 9, 2009

introducing dottie... first completed sewing project of 2009.
I found the pattern for this Pointy Kitty over at Wee Wonderfuls. There are lots of other free patterns over there but I had to start with this kitty. I made Dottie with the help of some very eager little girls. Miss O got an awesome sewing supply kit for her birthday and she couldn't wait to get started. Lucky for us, Aunt Phyllis, who just loves cats, had a birthday and we thought this would be the perfect gift. Out of her new stash of fabulous fat quarters Miss O chose this psychedelic purple polka dot fabric.
The reasoning behind this choice?...."Aunt Phyllis just loves colorful things!" Then out of my little stash of felt the girls chose orange for the stripes. She turned out a little wonky and one of her legs is shorter than the rest, but I suppose that is to be expected when little hands are guiding the fabric as I push the pedal. Besides, it gives her a spunky personality to match her colorful coat.
Dottie was fun and easy to make. In the pattern instructions it warned that turning her inside out after sewing would be difficult. I didn't think so, especially since I have the perfect tool for turning all of those pointy handy dandy chopstick! The part I found the most difficult was the tightly stuffing of the pointy places. My chopstick usually does the trick, but I have some stuffing that is unusually slick...polyfil...and it took some man-handling to get it to cooperate. I suppose I should stick with cotton stuffing from now on. Anyway, it was a fun, quick, super-cute sewing project for the girls....and we just know that Dottie will enjoy her new home.

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