Monday, January 5, 2009

pow wow wonderful

The Indian Pow Wow birthday was a huge success! Miss O was thrilled with her cake and all of her Indian gifts. She got plenty of regular presents but it's tradition to find gifts that go along with the theme. She got a tee pee, bow and arrow set (suction cup kind, of course), books about Indians, a headband with long Indian braids, the set of Powhatan Indians from the cake, and of course the birthday outfit. I normally make a dress with fabric that matches the theme but this year I decided to branch out and go with a skirt and vest. They both turned out great. Also, let me tell you, I had a hard time finding little Indian people for the cake. I searched high and low...then I went to A.C. Moore. Sheesh! I should have gone there first. They always seem to have the perfect thing. Note to self: Always check A.C. Moore saves time and prevents panic and headaches!
Thanks to all for the birthday wishes.

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Now, Miss E is ready to plan her party...a princess party. SWEET! That should be a piece of cake! Yes, pun intended....and I have until the end of May for that one. And if you were wondering, yes, Miss O has already decided on her theme for next year...Ballerina birthday. We'll see if she changes her mind by next January!


Anonymous said...

Loved the party!! I think all the gifts were great. I like the theme thing, then I have some idea what I'm looking for. Love the pictures!! Hope they have fun in the teepee. Love Big G

Adrienne said...

Girl look at you ... you are a regular Martha Stewart! Do you hire out? he he

Kim Yeatts said...

You never cease to amaze me! How fun! Her outfit is perfect and the cake looks awesome! Your girls are blessed!

Zoƫ said...

What a great.... well everything. I am going to have you come visit for my kids b-days;) (you would bring all your cool ideas right?)

I love the dress and vest!