Wednesday, January 28, 2009

yarn yearnings

Sunday was the day my mom brought my yarn stash...from my grandma. Oh, what a stash it is. I've got so many things I want to make, and now I can. Here's a little peak of the stash.
Believe me, it's just a peak. For sanity's sake I put the rest in the attic so my husband would not be overwhelmed. Right away though, I had to try making some crocheted hearts. Valentine's Day is coming, after all. I found a great tutorial here and I gave it a whirl. This is my first one. Not too shabby considering I had to do several new things. Oh, and I did have to redo it a gazillion times to actually get it to look like a heart, but, hey, it's done...and it does look like a heart! Yes, I think I"ll make more. :o) Well, the winter storm arrived. It was supposed to bring us some snow, but all we got was ice...again.
This is what my azaleas look like today. Poor little things. They had buds and new little baby leaves on them and now they're covered in ice. I sure hope they survive.
Stay warm.

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Adrienne said...

your heart looks great! Our boxwoods were split in two - the weight of the ice just was too much. Only spring will tell if they all made it.

Now stop ready and get to crocheting! ;-D