Friday, January 2, 2009

whoa....six years old today!

Happy Birthday to Miss O!!!!
Here you are just hours after entering the sweet.

At 7 months you already had a love of books.

At 18 months...growing, talking, learning and amazing us every day!

Time at two years old you're about to become a big sister.

So cute at three...sweet, smiling sister with sassy short hair.

Four years old and full of life...what a good girl you are.

Wow! Five years old is huge! Reading, writing, drawing...the best story teller in the world! What an imagination!

Now you're SIX years old! How did you get so big? Riding bikes and scooters, reading chapter books, building incredible things, playing with your sister and helping her learn. What a gift from God you are...we are truly blessed.
Happy Birthday Baby!


Big Gramma said...

Olivia is growing up so fast. Enjoy the children every day. They're gone before you know it. Happy Birthday OLivia!! BigG

Adrienne said...

Happy birthday to you ... Happy birthday to you ... happy biiiirrrttthhdaaaayyy dear Little Miss Ooohhh. Happy birthday tooooo yyyoooouuuu!

Rebekah said...

Happy Birthday to your sweetie!

My little one is turning 6 in a few weeks as well. *Sigh*