Friday, January 30, 2009


Oh yes! They are done. I finished the kimonos for my girls using
It is a great pattern to follow...simple, easy, beautiful. The only reason it took me a little longer to finish was because of the binding. I have insecurity issues when it comes to the bias tape...but I ironed a lot, used lots of pins, and psyched myself up and it all worked out. Whew! I also made some capris for each girl to match.

So? What do you think? The girls love them and think that they should be doing karate while wearing them. Thankfully, I got them to stand still long enough to take this picture. I am loving the colors (and yes, the pictures are accurately bright)...they just scream SPRING!!!! The yellow fabric is from my Hawaiian stash. The pattern on the fabric is a variety of Hawaiian quilt designs.

Okay, now all I have to do is figure out how much to enlarge the pattern so I can make one for myself!


Kim Yeatts said...

Oh, so cute! You must take these along on your beach trip!

Adrienne said...

They turned out soooo cute! I love them ... can't wait for spring. Here's to Karate chops! he he.

Love their room too ~ I know they are digging it.

I'd agree ... it's always fun to rearrange (hubbie would respectfully disagree - ha!)

Anonymous said...

Oh, I love them! They turned out great.