Tuesday, March 3, 2009

in like a lion

I'd like to say...
Welcome March!
It's nice to see you this year! Thanks for bringing snow for us to enjoy! The cold temperatures are much easier to endure if there's snow to play in all day.My nose is cold and so are my toes but we are having a blast throwing snowballs and running around in all that snow.
I think we can squeeze in a few more days of playing in winter's gift before it all melts.
It's always fascinating to see how winter and spring duke it out during the month of March. Winter won this weekend....but just take a look at what spring has in store for us next weekend.
Yeah baby! That's 70 degrees! Bring it on!!!!


Anonymous said...

I loved playing in the snow... since we didn't have school I was able to try something new and fun... MAKE SUSHI!!! it turned out pretty good to but not like you used to make it : )

Sarah : )

Angela said...

Mmmmm...sushi! I haven't had sushi or made sushi in a long time. I need to go add a few things to my grocery list!

Adrienne said...

Henry loved it- john hated it after 5 minutes ... poor thing couldn't move - he was like the boy in A Christmas Story!