Friday, March 13, 2009

all is well and warm

Whew! Things around here have calmed down a bit. My PopPop is doing much better and has been moved to a rehab center. He should be there for a couple of weeks working on speech and physical therapy...then, hopefully, he'll be heading back home. My mom and grandma have been with him at the hospital taking care of business since March 5th when all of this began. Now they can relax a little bit and enjoy watching PopPop improve every day. I couldn't focus on sewing or crocheting or posting here during the week of uncertainty. I spent a lot of time on the phone with my mom, sister, and grandma getting updates and offering some comfort and distraction. I know that every time my phone rang I just kinda held my breath and waited for the update, praying for good news. By God's grace PopPop improved and continues to grow stronger each day. What a blessing! Thank you all for prayers.
Now, before all of this happened I did manage to get some crocheting projects completed. Remember my pink hat? Well after I made the hat I was debating on whether to make a scarf or fingerless gloves/wrist warmers to match. I went with the scarf. It started off great, it was easy...or so I thought. After I got to a point where the scarf was about 15 or 16 inches long something went wrong. I lost count. I missed a stitch somewhere. I ripped out some rows and redid them a few times. I counted and recounted but could never figure out what went wrong. So I unraveled the whole thing and decided to make these instead!

I used this pattern. It was very easy to follow which was great since I was a little disappointed in myself for not being able to figure out where I messed up on the scarf. The pattern was made even easier because I used just one color. No changing colors and weaving in all those dreaded ends.

I did have to make some adjustments on the hand part when working in rounds because, evidently, I have freakishly narrow hands. So all I did was NOT add some of the increases and I added some decreases so they wouldn't gape open around my knuckles. Like I said...easy to follow, quick to make, nice and warm, oh, and cuuuute!
The girls quickly began wearing them and wanted some of their own. Hmmmm. Easy enough, right? So I let them pick yarn from my stash and told them I would give it a try. I measured the circumference of their wrists, the distance from wrist to mid-forearm, the length of their hand from wrist to knuckles, and from wrist to thumb. That should do it, right? Well, you know what? IT WORKED!!!

Miss O wanted all pink just like mine but I didn't have enough pink yarn left so she was happy enough to have the variegated purple added on. Miss E chose to go with the variegated purple all the way. She's loved that yarn since the day I received my stash. So there you have it. A completed crocheting project. Cute, comfortable, and warm.


Adrienne said...

Love those gloves! What a great job. I could have never handled the math ;-)

So glad to hear that your Pop Pop is continuing to do well.

Anonymous said...

Hey--can you make Sarah some with royal blue and white? I don't think softball season is going to be very warm this year!