Friday, March 6, 2009

please pray

{update 3/11/09: Yesterday I drove up to northern VA with my sister to visit my PopPop in the hospital. I am so thankful that I went. He had his best day yet. He was sitting up in the chair, feeding himself lunch...and not wanting his soup because it was sweet and wanting more ice cream because one little scoop isn't nearly enough. He listened and watched and we sat and chatted. He responded with few words but with lots of expressions. My grandma did well while we were there. She shared crocheting tips with me and talked about my girls. The hospital that my PopPop is in is brand-spankin-new. No kidding, it just opened a couple of weeks ago so there were only 20 patients in the entire hospital so far. The nurses were exceptionally wonderful...not overworked, everything was cutting edge new, and I am so thankful that he was taken there so he could receive the best care by doctors and nurses that are not overwhelmed by their work load. What a blessing in this time of stress. God is gracious and merciful...even in the small things. Now, I know he's still 89 years old and has led a long and happy life, but having him around a little longer and being able to spend time with him is a gift that I will cherish.}
{update 3/9/09: My grandfather (his name is John) is still in the hospital and after several days of tests and blood work they did discover that he had a TIA (mini-stroke). As of last evening it seems he may have had another TIA. Weeks of rehab are scheduled so that he can return home and function (feed himself, get dressed, etc.) but right now he's still struggling. He is 89 years old, a hard working farmer, a father of 6 children, and a husband to one wife for 68 is their anniversary. Please keep him in your prayers...and my grandma as well. I spoke with her yesterday and she is quite afraid of the mere thought of living without him. }

...for my PopPop.
He's in the hospital right now getting some tests done and recovering from a rough couple of days.
While you're at it, can you pray for my Grandma, too? She's understandably worried and nervous. Thanks.


Adrienne said...

Oh no! I hope he is doing better. I know this is hard on your Grandma to ~ what a sweet picture of you all.

Kim Yeatts said...

We will sorry.
Tried to call you today.

Anonymous said...

Nice blog Ang- great pics of the family- It was nice to see you- sorry it was under crappy conditions- love ya, Mel