Wednesday, March 18, 2009

signs of spring

After five days of rain, cold rain, it's nice to see signs of spring popping up everywhere. The white hyacinth is the winner this year....mmmm, smells so sweet. The sweet little bush is budding and will be green with new life very soon. The daffodil, well, that's in the neighbors yard. I had to take a picture (yes, through the fence) because the yellow was so bright and beautiful. My daffodils haven't bloomed yet. Soon though, soon. They have multiplied this year, too so I can hardly wait until they bloom. My tulips, well, they are growing like crazy. This group seems to be bullying my lavender. I'm hoping they can just all get along. If not, I'll move my lavender to a happier place.
With the warmth coming and the grass regaining it's fresh green color, I'm gearing up for gardening. I've got seeds, I've got space, and I'm working on a plan. Now, it'll be a small garden, but I'm going to use the space I have for all it's worth. Tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, squash, radishes, cantaloupes....can't wait!
The sun is finally shining today! Yippee!!!
Mystery purse update coming later.
Happy Wednesday!

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