Thursday, March 5, 2009

what do you get...

when you take scraps of yellow felt, yellow gingham, red corduroy, some shiny buttons, and two sweet girls that want to make a surprise for a friend?
A crown of course!

We have a little 3 year old friend named Toby. He is constantly surrounded by girls so when it comes to playing dress-up there aren't many choices for him amongst all of the pink princess piles. Last week when we saw him he really wanted a turn with miss E's princess crown. Uh, well, okay, not gonna happen. My girls decided that he needed a nice manly, kingly crown to wear that was just for boys...boys that wanted to be princes or kings! So they set off making him cards and drawings while I set off to create a crown. I'd say the girls were pretty happy with the result. They could hardly wait to give it to him. Today we saw Toby and the girls gave him the crown. Let me just say that he absolutely loved it! He was very excited and yes, it fit him! Okay, so I forgot my camera today so I don't have a picture of Toby wearing his crown, but trust me...he loved it!


Adrienne said...

How sweet! Very cute crown. You just gave me an idea ... the crown doesn't have to be just for bdays ... a nice girly (or boy) gift just because.

Kim Yeatts said...

I saw that at Heather's. How sweet of you to include Mr. T!