Wednesday, March 25, 2009

mystery purse: complete

Well, she's a beauty...and a beast!
The Summer Adventures Bag
My mystery purse, that is, from Lola...again sew-along. It's huge which is great for heading to the beach or the library, a picnic, maybe. It was finished on time but then things happened I had no time for taking pictures of the final product, let alone time to sit down and write a post about it. I tell you what though, it was really fun to make. I learned all sorts of new things making this to line something and make it look nice, how to use magnetic snaps (my new favorite notion), how to make nice corners for the bottom of the purse...Oh, I could go on and on, but I'll spare you. Just take it all in. Now, do you want to see something REALLY amazing? Check out the inside. There are two big has my coupons in case I need a fabric/yarn fix, the other has my new magazine so I can figure out how to burn calories, look younger, eat healthier..all while crafting! hehe! Then I added two more smaller pockets on the for my phone so I don't have to dig for it, the other tiny pocket is for the all important chapstick because I don't like to dig for that either. I checked out three fabulous crochet books from the library and threw in some balls of yarn so I'll be ready for anything.
Okay, I'm not really going to keep all that stuff in there. I just wanted to show you how big it was and how fabulous the pockets were. The outside has that one huge pocket on the that! Anyway, I think this purse is going to be a birthday gift. It turned out so great it's just too fabulous to keep. Now I just need to get crackin' on some coordinating gifts to fill her up.

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Adrienne said...

Love that bag! Mine is still waiting to be finished ... I hate when I do that.