Saturday, March 14, 2009

just one step back

Well, during his first day of therapy (yesterday) at the rehab center my PopPop apparently had another TIA. As of right now they're not sure, but he was taken back to the hospital for more tests in which they found nothing. However, from the description of his actions, or lack thereof, it sounds like a TIA. After not coming to any certain conclusions the hospital sent him back to the rehab facility. He was doing alright when I checked in with my mom last night. He was responsive, talking, interacting, eating, watching the news, reading the paper...all of which are good. He didn't seem to actually go in reverse in terms of recovery progress but my grandma and mom are on edge again, on high alert, stressed out, and nervous, yet glad that he seems to be alright for the time being. So once again I covet your prayers.

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