Wednesday, October 29, 2008

apples in autumn

Last weekend Tim and I took the girls on a little morning trip to an apple orchard. Okay, so it was my first trip to an orchard, too. How did I live this long without ever going to an orchard? Yeah, I don't know either. It was a fun trip on a beautiful farm. The girls absolutely loved it. They could hardly wait to pick an apple right off of a tree. Miss O reached up high to get a beautiful red one, but to her surprise, it had a worm hole in it. Yuck! She got to pick another one and carry it in her pocket for the remainder of the day. Miss E reached up to get an apple, too but she couldn't pull it off. I helped her, then she carried it in her pocket, too. You know, that's what little sisters do, right? I had never seen so many rows of trees. I can only imagine how many bees were flying around there during the summer!

We went into the "shop" where all of the pre-picked apples were and it smelled like apple juice in there. The girls thought it was neat to see so many apples in the big wooden crates. They got to choose a few of their own apples out of the full boxes. Oh, there were so many different kinds to choose from....small ones, big ones, red ones, green ones, yellow ones...okay, so I can't remember any of the actual types of apples, but you get the point. Miss E is a little sad in the picture because her perfect little green apple was dropped and it rolled under the crate, never to be seen again. She chose another...then she was happy again! Oh, and the jams and jellies, and butters. So many choices and flavors...Mmmmmm! We ended up choosing pumpkin apple butter, but better!
After choosing our apples from the crates and the trees we headed down to the barn to visit all of the animals. There were goats, sheep, llamas, rabbits, peacocks, homing pigeons, turkeys, and pigs. It made me want to live on a farm right now! Well, except for the pig aroma. Man, I forgot how stinky pigs really are...I mean they're pigs!

The farm was just beautiful. We all enjoyed strolling around. Yeah, I'd like to have some land...a farm, chickens & goats, fruit trees, a big ol' garden. One day.

The girls had a great time. They were glad they wore their boots. They felt like real farm girls in their cowboy boots. Thanks, Kim, for the boots. Miss E has been wearing them ever since! What a great little trip that was!

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Adrienne said...

What great pictures! We have yet to do that too ... we've got to get our act together!