Friday, October 24, 2008

playing at the pumpkin patch

It's that time of year....our annual visit to the pumpkin patch. A lot of our friends came at the same time. Oh, the fun! They got to choose a small pumpkin and paint it. This year Miss E understood that when we said paint your pumpkin it meant paint a face or a picture on it...not actually the entire pumpkin. Last year we had an entirely purple painted pumpkin. There was also a ship playground, jumpy things, huge slides, tunnels, and a tee pee. Miss O was more brave this year. She was on full blast the whole time...not at all timid climbing up so high. Alas, they are growing, maturing, and turning into big kids. The morning warmed up nicely and there was very little wind, so it was a perfect day for the pumpkin patch. I'd say they were pretty worn out by the time we left.


Adrienne said...

We have not made it there yet ... I've been waiting for another adult to go with me so we can have man on man defense ;-)

Big Gramma said...

Oh yeah, the pumpkin patch is always fun. I'm glad you all got to go and have friends there too. BigG