Tuesday, October 14, 2008

it was inevitable

Last night I had my first "bad run." Bad, I tell you, bad. Out of the 4 miles I was worthless for 2 of them...side stitches, heavy legs, grrrrrrrrrr! Okay, let me give you a little more detail...so you won't think I'm a big whiner for no reason. Well, first of all, Kim and I went to the site of our next 5K so that we could get a feel for the course. A mental thing, ya know. We walked the whole thing...really fast. No, we didn't run it because it was pretty hot AND we didn't want to time ourselves. It's really hard to not check the times. Anyway, it's a nice course with only a few inclines. It looked like it would be an easier courser than our first 5K so we were pretty happy about that. Then, a couple of hours later, my family and I went to Kim's house for a delicious dinner (thanks Kim!). It wasn't a heavy dinner, but I did have dessert...not a lot of dessert, but I guess now that I think about it, I don't normally have dessert. Oh, I also had tea with dinner instead of my usual water. Then a couple of hours after dinner we went home and I put the girls to bed, changed my clothes, picked up Kim and drove to Heather's house for our 4 mile run. I drank water before I left, had my gum to chew, and tied my shoes just right. The first mile was okay, then into the second mile, which is normally my favorite and easiest mile (because it's' mostly downhill) I started with the side stitches. I didn't talk while we ran, focused on breathing more deeply, tried to run through the pain, but oh, I just couldn't. I took a few walk breaks. Then by the last mile my legs were just worthless, although the pain in my side was gone. So, what is up with that? Did I not drink enough water throughout the day? Did the 3.1 mile fast walk earlier in the day fatigue my muscles? Did I eat too much for dinner and dessert? Who knows? Any ideas, all you runners out there? I guess I was due for a bad run, but I'd like to know the reason behind it so I can prevent a bad run in the future.


Hollie said...

Hi Ang! Just tell your self No pain, no gain! I think you are right when you say it was inevitable, the good thing is I bet your next run will be a lot better. Sometimes I don't think you can avoid them by changing one thing or the other, I think the best you can do is just push through them and not give up! I bet after it was all said and done last night, you still felt good, those endorphins I don't think every have "bad runs" they always seem to show up for me no matter what. Oh, and I tagged you on my blog! check it out :)

Anonymous said...

If you don't stop with all this run talk, I'm gonna get motivated. :)

We all have our "off" days. :)

Adrienne said...

Ok ... I'm still struggling to run 1 1/2 miles ... on a treadmill ... where the incline is ZERO! Girl - if you can normally run 4 - good for you. Maybe you were just tapped out for the day.

Anonymous said...

Oh my, I can't believe you are running that much. I am proud! Love Big G

Zoƫ said...

I got no ideas for you as I have NEVER run 4 miles!!! I think the point is you may have had a bad run, but you did it and you are running 4 miles!!! It sucks when it is hard, but it will not always be hard. Just remember that you are doing a great job and that is all that counts!!

~ANG said...

Oh, thanks to all for the encouraging comments.
Hollie-you're right, the endorphins are great!
Amy-Running isn't so bad..it's getting started that is difficult.
Adrienne-Running on a treadmill is so much harder, even with the zero incline. I can only do about 2 miles on the treadmill without dying. See you Friday!!!
Mama-It's surprising, huh? Running with friends makes it so much fun.
Zoe-Yes, it's certainly a bummer when it's difficult, but I still finished the 4...even if I had to walk some.

Rebekah said...

Oh YEAH, I have had bad running days for sure!!! I finally figured out that I usually have them the day or two after "aunt flo" comes to visit, and also on the day after I overdo it at a restaurant/party (I run early, so for me it's not until the next morning that I have to pay!) I try to focus on my surroundings, even if I have to revert to walking, reminding myself that I don't have to prove anything on those days.

Keep going :)