Tuesday, October 14, 2008

tag, you're it!

Hollie from 5K, Yes Way! tagged me. I am supposed to share 6 random things about myself. I'll try to come up with things that aren't boring. I'm not making any promises though!

1. During every meal I always turn on the radio. It's nice to have the background noise. It also drowns out the eating sounds...which is a genetic irritant. All mouth noises irritate me...chewing with open mouths, loud sippy cups, gasping for air after drinking and not breathing at the same time, teeth scraping the fork/spoon, slurping of soup, milk, etc. Of course these are all things that my children do on a daily basis. I am working on not being just like my father in this area...grrrr! Background music really helps...so does nice conversation during the meals...as long as there is no food in your mouth!

2. My sister and I have naturally curly hair, but one time during my middle school years my sister put the stuff in my hair that people use for getting a perm, but instead of putting in curling rods, she combed and combed with a fine tooth comb hoping that it would straighten my hair. Uhh, it didn't work. I just ended up looking more like a lion. Not cool, man , NOT COOL!

3. I didn't discover the wonders of mousse until my freshman year of college. Wild hair be tamed!

4. While living on Molokai I learned a few hulas. Oh, yes. It wasn't always pretty, but it was fun.

5. In high school I played softball for three years...I was not very good at it/ I was a cheerleader...I was okay at it, but just not cheerleader material/ I was on the yearbook staff...I rocked at that! So yes, even back then I was a big giant nerd.

6. I like weird smells...old books, fresh new crayons, pink pearl erasers, gasoline, tomato plant leaves, fresh cut hay, salty ocean air, coconut scented sunblock, newborn babies. Okay, the first three are teacher related, the next three are all about my grandparents farm, then the next two are beachy smells, and the last...who doesn't love the smell of newborn babies?!

So there you have it. Six random things. Please don't use them against me:o)
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Later...I'll tell you the exciting story about meeting Adrienne from Some of a Kind.

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Kim said...

That was fun reading the six things about you. What I want to know...why didn't you post a Lion-like photo of yourself??? I really want to see that!
Kim Y.