Saturday, October 18, 2008

clothesline chronicles meets some of a kind

Some of a Kind is a blog that I have been reading since the beginning of my own blog. I have found much inspiration and entertainment through reading her posts. Adrienne is her name. All along I thought she was from northern VA but then she commented on my own blog about one of the pictures looking like a familiar place. Could we be neighbors? After a few emails back and forth we figured out that we actually do live in the same city...and neither of us are axe murderers, which is helpful when meeting people in real life that you only know from the internet. We scheduled a playdate for us the children so they could play together while we talked and got to know each other more. The blogging community is an amazing thing. There is so much creativity and inspiration out there, and so much encouragement from these women that live miles, states, even oceans away. How blessed I am to have met Adrienne. We had a wonderful time chatting while the kiddos played. Here are some pictures from our fun morning at a children's museum. Yes, that cow is what clued her in that we live in the same town, so we thought it only fitting to get a picture of all 4 kids with the cow.

Oh, and here's a picture of us.

Truth be told, after we had planned our playdate, we actually ran into each other at a local fall festival. I was walking along with the family and someone called my name. I have a hard time matching faces with names so in a fraction of a second I ran down the I know her from college, work, church...before I could panic though, she said, "I'm Adrienne!" How crazy! Now mind you , I had not seen a picture of her, not even on her blog. But she recognized the girls and then realized it was me. We chatted there for a few minutes, thrilled to meet earlier than we had planned, then we went our separate ways to enjoy the festival...and looked forward to our next encounter. So there you have it! Clothesline Chronicles meets Some of a Kind.

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