Wednesday, October 1, 2008

i don't want to be one of those... know, the blogs that aren't updated very often. You check in on them with great anticipation of the next post, yet there is nothing new. I do apologize to those of you that drop in to check out Clothesline Chronicles. It seems as though time has gotten away from me. With homeschool, vacation, car drama, fall cleaning, and working a little from's been just a little crazy. The working from home part is something I love, but I work most efficiently when the girls are napping, therefore work took over my blogging time. Today, I have decided to write a new post. There is so much going on here that I just can't hold it all in. My mind and my camera are both overflowing. So prepare yourselves, my dear friends, because I've got pictures and stories for you.
*We went for an afternoon walk a couple of weeks ago and came across the coolest mushrooms I have ever seen. They looked just like golf balls on a tee, but bigger, like tennis ball size. The girls wanted to pick them, but alas, they were in someones yard and I didn't want to be traipsing through their grass stealing 'shrooms. **I found some cute lacing cards for the girls to use as part of their school work. The cards have pictures of shapes and words on them...English on the front, Spanish on the back. The girls already know their shapes but learning the Spanish word is fun and the lacing part is fun, too. I think this will be a great calming activity for E, especially when O needs a little quiet time to finish up her school work. I may work on creating some of my own lacing cards so they can have more to choose, it's the beginning of simple hand sewing and embroidery skills. Now, who wouldn't love that?!

***Play dates are always fun. I try to squeeze in as many as I can this time of year. The weather is perfect and it's before the onslaught of cold/flu season. Here are a few pictures from our most recent fun times at the neighborhood playgrounds. Now you know I have a lot more pictures from these play dates, but I have to draw the line somewhere, right?

I have more fun things to share with you, but nap time is coming to an end. I must awaken my sleeping children and take them outside. The clothesline is full of happy clothes. The smell of autumn is in the air. Go ahead, open your windows and take a deep breath, better yet, go outside and let this new season wrap around you.

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