Friday, October 3, 2008

cheater, cheater, dinner eater!

A couple of weeks ago we took the girls to our local children's science museum. We always have a wonderful time there. There are so many fun hands-on activities...I love sneaky learning opportunities! They got to "milk" a cow, harvest crops, learn how silver was made and what it was used for throughout history, and much, much more.

However, each trip to the museum usually ends in the gift shop. They were having a book fair, so not even I could resist going in to see all of the goodies. They each chose a book, because I'm weak like that, and with the last of their left over beach money they purchased cheater chopsticks. I have regular chopsticks that I put a rubber band around so they can use them when we have Asian meals. But these, oh, these were so cute. They both chose pink ones...O chose a dinosaur and E chose a bunny. Very inexpensive, yet worth millions when it comes to having fun while eating dinner...without whining, complaining, or dare I say, crying. Go ahead, get some cheater chopsticks and dinner might go a little smoother. Just make sure you're not in a hurry because it does take a little longer to eat when using chopsticks.


Anonymous said...

wow, you are SO back into the blogging business!
Here is the link to the blogging albums--

Kathy said...

How fun! I cannot turn away from a book sale. Love the chopsticks! Would love to find these for my boys.

Zoƫ said...

Man your girls have grown up lately! They just look so much bigger.

Adrienne said...

Ok - that cow looks totally familiar. We have a a place downtown like that ... I could have sworn they had a bookfair recently ... hmmm ... could we be neighbors? Tell me, any "farming" near the cow?

~ANG said...

A big ol' corn field is near the's "Amazing"