Saturday, February 7, 2009

guess what!

I won a giveaway!!!
There's a blog I love to read called One Thing. You really should pop in there and read what's going on out there in Oklahoma. Jenni, the inspiring, humorous, mother of 12, author of the blog really has a way with words. She also homeschools her children and just started another blog called Grueling Homeschooling. I love that name. I love homeschooling and most moms that I know that homeschool love it, too but there are days when grueling describes it best. Now, if you want some neat tips and fun stories to read then you really should visit that blog,too. The giveway was hosted on Jenni's homeschool blog and I had to enter because who doesn't love a good tea party...and who doesn't love a fun game? We ripped right into the box and ooohed and aaaahed over the wonderful pictures on the box. Then we played the game. It's so cute. My girls just loved it. I meant to take a picture of us playing the game but we were having so much fun trying to acquire our cream and sugar and the much desired desserts while avoiding the bees that I totally forgot to take a single shot.
Thanks, Jenni, for hosting this giveaway with such a wonderful, fancy lady, one lump or two, best-ever, tea party game...we love it! And thanks for the sweet note on the most fabulous stationery ever!

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Jenni said...

I'm so glad you guys are enjoying the game so much! Thanks for the sweet compliments, too. You made my day!