Sunday, February 1, 2009

real quick like

...just popping in to say hi...from Myrtle Beach! Yes, the Super Bowl is on and yes, I'm watching it. The girls are in bed after a long day of driving and playing and breathing in the wonderful salty air. It was 62 degrees today...nice, but still chilly with the ocean breeze....not complaining...seriously, not complaining. We've got heated indoor pool that overlooks to beach plans tomorrow. Can't wait! Uhhhhh, wait, when was the last time you wore a bathing suit in February? Note to self: don't look in full-length mirror before leaving for the pool.
Okay, I must finish watching the game without bloggy distractions. Will share pictures soon...not pool pictures, trust me!


Adrienne said...

Soooo soooo soooo envious! Dig your toes in the sand for me please.

Hope ya'll have a blast!

Kim Yeatts said...

you better post pool pictures...and I wanna hear who wins the race this go 'round!

Kim Yeatts said...

just wondering...are you posting this with your new little computer???